Taking care of yourself at Christmas.

Prevention is better than cure.

Prevention is better than cure.

According to data from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, influenza cases have risen sharply in recent weeks, with peak incidence expected after Christmas. Similarly, the overall rate of acute respiratory infections (ARIs) is soaring. It is clear that the arrival of severe cold weather is related to these increases.

Preventive measures such as vaccination will not prevent you from catching and suffering the effects of a cold or flu, but they will help to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and overcome the infection more quickly.

Prevention is important for health and a healthy diet is part of this strategy. Nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C have been widely shown to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, and foods such as garlic and onions have similar effects. In fact, a recent study with AlioCare® (a concentrate of garlic and onion extracts) has shown that daily consumption of one capsule reduces the symptoms associated with flu and colds, reducing their intensity and duration. The study was conducted in a nursing home for the elderly, a population particularly susceptible to respiratory diseases of infectious origin.

AlioCare Inmune® is a concentrate of garlic and onion extracts that is supplemented with zinc and vitamin C.

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