Alliaceae: a natural ally

Since ancient times, alliaceous plants, including garlic and onions, have been used for many culinary and medicinal purposes, mainly due to their various health benefits.

It was primarily their use as natural antibiotics which aroused the interest of the scientific community. Today there is a wide range of research and clinical studies around the world aimed at providing conclusive scientific evidence for the benefits of daily consumption of alliaceae [1].

In addition to their antimicrobial activity, in recent years much of this research has focused on demonstrating their efficacy in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disorders and in improving immune response, among others.

The active ingredients responsible for the health-promoting properties of foods such as garlic and onions are organosulphur compounds [2].

Apart from these bioactive compounds, alliaceous plants contain other components beneficial to health such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, flavonoids and fibre, as the most abundant [3].

What are the benefits of AlioCare®?

The benefits of regular consumption of garlic and onion have been known since time immemorial. There is a lot of evidence and scientific studies that link the consumption of garlic and onion with a good immune status, a better cardiovascular health or the ability to prevent infectious pathologies or the risk of developing cancer. Thus, popular wisdom associates the consumption of garlic and onion with the prevention of flu, the common cold or the reduction of cholesterol levels.

AlioCare® also contains vitamin C and zinc to boost immunostimulatory and antioxidant effects.


What makes AlioCare Inmune special?

AlioCare®, unlike other garlic and onion nutritional supplements, is standardised in active sulphur compounds. After decades of research and using a novel production process, AlioCare Inmune® guarantees a minimum content of active ingredients per capsule. It is also deodorised, as the odour removal process used by other manufacturers often destroys these valuable active ingredients.

The active compounds in AlioCare Inmune® are naturally present in garlic and onions in low concentrations, so very large amounts of these foods must be consumed to reach the concentration available in a single capsule. In comparison, an individual would need to consume approximately 2 medium-sized cloves of garlic and one medium-sized onion per day to obtain the benefits of AlioCare Inmune®.

AlioCare® does not contain allicin, a similar compound which, although very beneficial, is extremely unstable, degrades rapidly and loses its properties. Unlike allicin, the organosulfur compounds in AlioCare Inmune® are very stable, ensuring a standardised content per capsule.

Finally, AlioCare Inmune® is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc to support the immune system.

It is a scientifically proven product. Numerous scientific studies carried out by independent centres of international prestige have demonstrated the enormous benefits of AlioCare Inmune® in improving the immune response and preventing various disorders.

For more information on the benefits of AlioCare Inmune® and its active ingredients, please visit our Research Articles section.

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